Masjidil Aqsa

Our first Qibla, Masjid Al-Aqsa, the venue of our beloved Habib Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam’s Meraj, the third most sacred Masjid in Islam is under siege.

The nation that lives under Allah Ta’aala’s anger and wrath, the Yahood (Jews), have now openly declared their evil intent of not only taking over the Masjid and converting it into their place of worship but are determined to throw out the entire Palestinian community from the vicinity of Al-Aqsa and Al-Quds. They have become very brave due to the slumber and impotency of the entire Muslim world.

The Jamiatul Ulama makes an earnest and passionate appeal to all Muslims, that it is our Imaani and Islamic duty to protect our Masjid Al-Aqsa from the accursed nation, the Yahood.
1. Every Muslim must write to the South African government to expel the Israeli embassy.
2.Write to all the Muslim embassies in South Africa to urge their respective governments to expel the Israeli embassies from their countries.
3.Write letters to all newspapers expressing our disgust at the gross human rights violations perpetrated by the Israelis against the Palestinians.
4.To contact the United Nations offices and demand that they impose immediate sanctions against the Israelis.
5.Help by means of:
a) Abstention from sins,
b) Giving charity and other acts of worship,
c) Engaging in Duas.
Note a large number of Muslims are presently held up in Masjid Al-Aqsa for days
and are without meals.

Contact: Department of International Relations and Cooperation
Private Bag X152
South Africa
OHCHR (Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights)
Tel: +27 12 354 8686
Fax: +27 12 354 8681