Hadhrat Sheikh Zakariyyah (rahmatullahi alaihi) – 2


Hadhrat Shaikh had married twice. These marriages will be briefly described.

1) When Hadhrat Shaikh’s father, Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Yahya passed away on the 19th Thil Qa’dh 1334, his mother sent a message to Hadhrat Saharanpْri in which she expressed her desire to see Hadhrat Zakariyyah’s marriage take place during her lifetime. She indicated that her health was not good and there could be no reliance on life.

At that time Hadhrat Shaikh was already engaged to the daughter of Maulana Rauful Hasan. Hadhrat Saharanpْri immediately wrote a letter to the relatives in Kandhlah enquiring about their intentions in this regard. The reply came that the matter has been left to Hadhrat’s discretion. If he so wishes, a date for the nikah could be fixed by Hadhrat.

On the day fixed for the Nikah, Hadhrat Saharanpْri, Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Ilyas and other seniors arrived in Kandhlah and Hadhrat Saharanpْri performed the Nikah on Saturday the 29th Safar 1335. At the time of the Nikah, someone indicated that the family’s Mehr-e-Mithl is 80,000 rupees. Hadhrat Saharanpْri exclaimed:
لا حول و لا قوّة إلا بالله

The Nikah was finalised on a Mehr of 1,500 rupees.

2) After the death of Hadhrat Shaikh’s first wife, there was pressure on him from all sides to get married again. But, on account of his Ilmi preoccupation, he ignored every advice and demand in this regard. However, when Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Ilyas asked him to marry his daughter, Hadhrat Shaikh was unable to refuse. Finally the Nikah was performed by Hadhrat Maulana Madani on Friday, 8th Rabiuth Thaani 1356 after Jumuah Namaaz. The mehr fixed was Mehr-e-Faatimi. The Walimah was prepared by Hadhrat Raipْri