Take lesson, O beloved Muslims!

Swiss-Muslim relations strained over minaret ban

30/11/09 14:18 CET


Switzerland’s relations with the Muslim world are under scrutiny after the Alpine nation voted to ban the building of new mosque minarets.

Commercial and diplomatic repercussions could follow yesterday’s surprise result of a nationwide referendum. The right-wing Swiss People’s Party, which put forward the proposal, is delighted that more than 57 percent of voters backed the ban. But not all Swiss citizens are celebrating today. “I was absolutely surprised because I thought that would never pass,” said one man in Geneva. “I was actually quite disgusted by the result. I think it is against the fundamental values of freedom of speech and I am actually kind of ashamed to be Swiss this morning.” another man added. “I am a bit sad,” said a woman. “I think that everyone should have the right to practice their own religion and Switzerland should be worth its reputation as a neutral country.” The Swiss government opposes the ban, saying it violates the constitution, but it has agreed to respect the people’s decision. As protests against the result took place, the Vatican and EU countries added their condemnation. euronews


A recent referendum by the Swiss came out against Muslims. They have banned the building of new Minarats in Musaajid! Whilst this move is not totally surprising,

it must not come as a great shock to Muslims, when we have been warned in the Qur`aan Majeed and Ahadith of Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) not to ape the kuffaar and their ways. Muslims find the dress-code, mannerisms, habits and cultures of all besides the Sunnat to be attractive. Almost every facet of the lives of Muslims today is imitation of the kuffaar of the West. As the Muslims run after their Western icons, they get kicked away. This disgrace has been brought on by us and no one else. This group of kuffaar (The Swiss) have now shown their animosity towards Islam and the Muslims, just like the Danish and French have done recently.

There has been a call for the boycotting of Swiss products. Whlst such measures may be in place, who has to date made a call to Muslims to look deeply at themselves and start inculcating the Sunnat in their daily lives? Results will only come when Muslims change their wayward ways. The effect of ‘boycotting’ and admonishing a fellow Muslim for not adopting the Sunnat lifestyle will have millionfold greater effect than boycotting the products of the kuffaar.

Allah Ta`ala states clearly in the Qur`aan Majeed: “Take lesson, O Intelligent Ones.”