sbSUICIDE BOMBINGS: Fanning the Flames of Hatred…Against Islam

 Islam respects the sanctity and sacredness of all forms of  life. Even animals, birds, and marine life – all come within the  warm embrace of Islam’s compassionate teachings.

Muslims reject the carnage, slaughter and the bloodbath wrought upon innocent civilians by “suicide bombers”.

Bombs which tear apart limbs; bombs that maim life; bombs that indiscriminately kill innocent children, women and the old – to claim that all this havoc, mayhem and cruelty is sanctioned and blessed by Islam is nothing but  deception and ignorance. The damage done by the “suicide bomber” is nothing compared to the damage he does to the perception of Islam. Islam is portrayed as a senseless, mindless, bloodthirsty religion. This dastardly image of a cruel Islam indeed serves its enemies well. The agenda of “moderating” Islam is so much more easily within reach – an Islam that surrenders its soul and embraces the corpse of the so-called civilized Western World. Is the “suicide bomber” who targets innocent civilians and even fellow Muslims real? Is he the truth? Is he even a Muslim? No, by Allah, he cannot be a Muslim for a Muslim does not kill children! The suicide bomber is either a pawn who is controlled by misguided, frustrated, angry, fanatical, ignorant persons who assume that success will be achieved by operating beyond the pale of The Shariah. Alternatively he is a product of forces hostile to Islam that will use every and any means to fan the flames of hatred against pure Islam. Against both these nefarious forces, The Jamiatul-Ulama Gauteng call upon Muslims to be vigilant.