Our Visit to Bokomo- Pronutro


Following the recent admission by Bokomo Foods that their Pronutro Cereals were not ‘halaal-certified’, the Jamiatul Ulama Gauteng, undertook an inspection of their Plant in Wadeville, Gauteng.

This visit to the Plant, was prearranged and Bokomo courteously hosted us and showed us around.

A delegation of three Ulama from our Jamiat went to the Plant on the 26th May 2010. We were met by a few members of their Managerial Team.

Before entering the Manufacturing Plant, we sat down with the Bokomo Team and presented a few questions. Our queries were honestly and openly responded to and they appeared receptive to our suggestions as well.

Following our discussion with them, it was established that the Strawberry Pronutro contains ‘cognac’  in its flavouring. They stressed that all their other flavourants and ingredients used in all their other products do not contain animal or alcohol derivatives.

We were then taken through the various manufacturing processes at the Plant.

All the flavours of Pronutro are manufactured in one facility and they run one flavour a week. All the flavours go through the same process and the same containers are used for all. It was confirmed that the container where the flavouring was done was NOT cleaned out in any way between running the flavours. Contamination between flavours is certain, this was also confirmed by the persons escorting us around.

Based on this fact, we strongly advise abstinence from all Pronutro flavours, until the process is changed or the Halaal alternative is found for the Strawberry flavoured Pronutro.


Bokomo Foods are in communication with us, and have demonstrated a very keen interest of co-operating with us in bringing changes to their manufacturing process in order to make their Pronutro brands Halaal for Muslim consumption.

They have written to us requesting advice on a suitable cleaning process which would alleviate the cross-contamination between the Strawberry and other flavours. We have suggested that they first look at changing the manufacturing ‘bowls’ which will avoid the contamination per se, and await a response.

Insha-Allah we will keep the Muslim Public updated. Your duas are humbly requested.