Hadhrat Shaikh Al-Haj Abdur Raheem (rahmatullah alayh)

Hadhrat Shaikh Al-Haj Abdur Raheem(rahmatullah alayh)

He was among the Sayyids of Afghanistan. He came to Hindustan in the quest of Ma’rifat. At first he gained distinction and accomplishment in the Qadariyyah Silsilah from Shah Raham Ali Sadhْri. Thereafter, he gained further accomplishment in the Chishtiyyah Silsilah from Hadhrat Shah Abdul Bari.

After the demise of his Shaikh, he (Hadhrat Abdur Raheem) took bay’t of Jihaad on the hands of Hadhrat Ghazi Fillah Maulana Sayyid Ahmad Shahid of Barely. Occasionally both these noble men would sit in Muraaqabah and the Nisbat (i.e. divine bond of proximity) of the one would influence the other.

Someone asked Hadhrat Shah Abdur Raheem:

“You are a man of great spiritual excellence. In baatini perfection you are not less than Sayyid Sahib. In fact, you surpass him. Why then are you so devoted to him? You, yourself have become his Mureed and you enjoin your Mureeds to become his Mureeds.”

He responded:

“Inspite of all this, we do not know how to perform Namaaz and fast. With the barkat of Sayyid Sahib, we have learnt to perform Salaat and fast.”

His Demise
On 27th Thil Qa’dh 1246 Hijri, Hadhrat Abdur Raheem was martyred in the battlefield along with Hadhrat Sayyid Sahib and Maulana Ismail Sahib in the Jihaad campaign against the Sikhs. He is buried in Panjtaar Mulk Wilaayat.