Those trodding the Path of Sulook should endeavour to follow the method of Rasulullah (saws) in everything. Following the Sunnah creates much Noor in the heart. Have patience when anyone says something which displeases you. Don’t say anything in haste, especially while in anger. Be very careful in the state of anger. Never consider yourself to be perfect or one who possesses excellences. Ponder before speaking. When you are convinced that in what you intend speaking is no harm and in it is some benefit or need regarding the world or Deen, then only proclaim it. Never speak ill of even an evil person. Do not listen to evil.

Do not criticize any dervish who may be overwhelmed by some ecstatic condition and may be saying something which in your opinion seems to be in conflict with the Deen. Never despise any Muslim even if he happens to be a sinner. Never yearn nor have greed for wealth and honour. Do not make an occupation of ta’weez and talisman, for the general public will overwhelm you (by making demands and requests for ta’weez). As far as is possible remain in the company of those who engage in Thikr. Such association creates Noor, courage and love in the heart.

Do not expand much worldly affairs. Do not meet people unnecessarily. When necessity compels you to meet others, meet them kindly and display good manners. As soon as the need has been fulfilled withdraw from company. Remain aloof especially from acquaintances, Search for the companionship of the people of Allah (the pious and saintly ones) or meet with such persons who are not well-known to you. Harm from such people is slight.

If same spiritual condition occurs in your heart or some amazing knowledge enters the heart, inform your Shaikh. Do not request your Shaikh for some specific shaghl (devotional practice). Do not inform anyone besides your Shaikh of the effect Thikr produces in you.

Do not be deceiving nor beat about the bush when you have realized your error. Confess immediately. In all circumstances have trust in Allah and present your needs to Him only. Request Allah to grant you steadfastness on the Deen.