There are various reasons which induce a Mureed to search for a Shaikh other than the one who is his Shaikh. Among these reasons are:

1. The Mureed discovers that his first Shaikh does not adhere to the Shariah. The Shaikh indulges in bid’ah or always commits kabeerah (major) sins.

2. The mureed has no congeniality (Munaasabat) with the first Shaikh notwithstanding the fist Shaikh being a strict adherent of the Shariah and a follower of the Sunnah.

3. The demise of the first Shaikh. In this event it will suffice if the Mureed turns to another Shaikh to perfect his islaah (reformation) without him even becoming his formal mureed. The mureed may, however, also complete his islaah by another Shaikh along with entering into Bai’t with him (the Shaikh).

Our precedent in this aspect is Haahrat Haaji Imdaadullah Saheb (May Allah brighten his grave). Hadhrat Haaji Imdaadulah first was Majaaz-e-Bai’t in the Naqshabandigah Order. When his Shaikh died he made the bai’t to Hadhrat Mianju Noor Muhammad Saheb (May Allah brighten his grave) in the Chishtiyyah Order. Haaji Imdaadullah did so because he had not yet attained satiation in the Spiritual Sojourn. Hadhrat Mianju also conferred the Mantle of Majaaz-e-Bai’t to Haaji Imdaadullah Saheb. Today, both Arab and Ajam have benefited from the fuyoodh (spiritual effulgence) and barakaat (spiritual fortune) of Haaji Imdaadullah Saheb.

It is viral to remember that after having accepted another Shaikh, the Mureed should never be disrespectful to his former Shaikh, neither in word or deed nor in his absence or presence. This applies even if the former Shaikh has happened to stray from the Shariah. Any such disrespect will prove calamitous for the Mureed.