Shah Abdul Baari Siddiqui (rahmatullah alayh)

He was the son of Shaikh Zuhْrullah and the khalifah of his illustrious grandfather, Hadhrat Shah Abdul Hadi. They were two brothers. Hadhrat Abdul Bari was of weak physical disposition while his brother of strong temperament. Hadhrat Shaikh Abdul Hadi would therefore impose lesser mujaahadaat on him than his brother.

He entered the service of his Shaikh at the age of 12. Hadhrat would tell him to clad himself in good quality garments. Although his external appearance did not resemble the fuqaara, his heart brimmed with Divine Love. He perpetually fasted.

After Hadhrat Shaikh Abdul Hadi’s demise, he continued with his Shaikh’s mission and watered the Chishti Silsilah with his spiritual efforts.

His Demise
On the 28th Muharram or the 11th Sha’baan in the year 1226 Hijri on a Friday, Hadhrat Shah Abdul Bari passed away. He left behind one son, Shaikh Rahman Bakhsh and the following seven Khulafaa: Shah Abdur Raheem, Sayyid Hatim Ali Shah, Haji Khairud Deen, Hafiz Kulan Shah, Shaikh Muhammad Muneer, Shaikh Aminullah and Hafiz Abdul Karim.