Shaikh Abdul Haadi (rahmatullah alayh)

He is by birth a Shaikh Siddiqui. He was the son of Shaikh Muhammad Hafiz and the khalifah of Shah Adh-dud Deen. He was born in the neighbourhood of Karishiyaan in the town of Amrohah on Wednesday the 14th Rajab 1084 Hijri.

When he was 4 years old, Shah Muhammadi happened to visit his home. When he prepared for Namaaz, he could not ascertain the Qiblah direction because of his poor eye-sight. He was somewhat facing away from the Qiblah. Inspite of Shah Abdul Hadi’s tender age of 4 years, he turned Hadhrat Shaikh towards the right direction. After completing his Namaaz, Hadhrat said that this boy will one day become the leader of the nation, guiding them. These words of his spiritual grandfather exercised a profound effect on the child. The effect could be discerned on the child from that very moment.

After a few days, his mother entered him into the local Maktab where he started learning elementary Farsi. One day when the teacher had gone to attend to some work, a fearsome looking beggar appeared. All the children became fearful. The beggar chewed something and instructed the boy, Abdul Hadi to eat it. Out of fear, he obeyed. As the morsel descended into his throat, a fear settled over him. He developed a dislike for company and became claustrophobic in settlements. He wandered into the forest and would spend most of his time there.

In the outskirts of Amrohah there lived a Majzْb by the name Yateem Shah. Coincidentally, Hadhrat Abdul Hadi met Yateem Shah who said:

“I have been ordered to keep you with me.”

After Hadhrat had stayed with the Majzْb for some time, he (the Majzْb) said that his Silsilah links up with Shaikh Nizamud Deen Balkhi through five intermediaries. He, therefore, advised Hadhrat Abdul Hadi to become bay’t to Shah Adh-dud Deen. In obedience to this command, Shaikh Abdul Hadi went to Amrohah and entered into bay’t with Shah Adh-dud Deen.

Once during the middle of the night while he was pressing the feet of his Shaikh, he (Shaikh Abdul Hadi) said:

“Hadhrat, make dua that the Repository of Rahmat frees me from the prison of egoism (khْdi).”

Hadhrat Shah Adh-dud Deen said:

“You have imposed on yourself the encumbrance of many relationships, yet you desire to become like us.”

Hadhrat Abdul Hadi said:

“It is my wish to become like a dog of Hadhrat.”

Hadhrat Shaikh was pleased with this answer. After a few days Hadhrat conferred the mantle of khilaafate to Shaikh Abdul Hadi.

Hadhrat Shaikh Abdul Hadi was a Saahib-e-Kashf and generally he was apprized (by means of kashf) of the thoughts of people, hence he would answer them immediately.

Since he loved solitude, he spent considerable time in the wilderness. Once, in a dream, Rasulullah (صلى الله عايه وسالم) instructed him to live in the town so that the creation of Allah derives benefit. In obedience to this command, he took up residence in a place called Baraah. He would also stay now and then at other places. Thus his visits to Amrohah decreased substantially.

He had a vast number of khuddaam and mureedeen. People in large numbers derived spiritual benefit from him. Finally, on the insistence of Qadhi Shaikhul Islam and other seniors, he came to Barely and took up residence in Khaikherah which adjoins Barely.

His Demise
Soon after setting in Khaikherah he became ill. On Friday 4th Ramadhaan 1190 Hijri, he passed away. His grave is in Amrohah in the orchard of Shaikh Zuhْrullah Siddiqui.