While Muslims all over the world are grieving at the plight of their Palestinian mothers, brothers and children who are under brutal Zionist oppression, SANHA has rubbed salt to the already deep wound of the Muslim community by issuing a ‘fatwa’ in defence of its service and subservience to the murderous Zionist Israeli government.

SANHA has stooped so low as to certify, bless and legitimize the Zionist State of Israel with their commercial ‘halaal’ stamp. By doing so, SANHA actively aids and strengthens the Zionist economy which in turn fuels its war machinery against innocent Muslims. How SANHA could go and sleep peacefully with the full knowledge that they are guilty of “Halaalizing” Zionist products is anyone’s guess. One needs a rock-hard heart just to look at an Israeli  Zionist today. But Sanha has no heart left: not only do they shake hands and sit in the same room with those who manufacture products with cheap Palestinian labour, they trade away part of the Soul of Islam — the Halaal concept — for a few miserable Rands. And they do so with a Fatwa which is shocking in shallowness.

Quoting and misquoting—perpetrating intellectual subterfuge—SANHA presents incidents in the Holy Life of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) totally unrelated to the horrendous scenario we are faced with.

Let us now calmly and unemotionally scrutinize the SANHA ‘fatwa of fortune’ in which SANHA has desecrated the meaning of the Holy Qur’aan and the Shariah.

Sanha quotes the Holy Qur’aan in justification of “Halaalizing” Isreali products.

“Be just…even unto your enemy.”

SANHA’s concept of ‘justice’ is, plainly speaking, a mockery of the Holy Qur’aan. Serving as agents and servants of a Zionist government’s economy whose lands are dyed red with the blood of our mothers, the blood of our sisters, the blood of our brothers, is justice for SANHA!!! Helping the Zionist economy flourish in order that they may steal even more Muslim land is Sanha’s concept of administering “justice”.

SANHA has confused—in ignorance or by design—testimony of the truth which the cited Aayat refers to with scandalous assistance to brutality which the Holy Qur’an has made Haraam. Did Musa alayhi Salaam not make Du’a to be saved from assisting an oppressor?  “O my Lord for the favours that Thou bestowed upon me, let me not be an assistant to the oppressors”. What affinity does proclaiming the truth in court cases etc. against an enemy have with advertising and promoting Israeli goods to the Muslim public? Is SANHA so blind with lust for wealth that it cannot see that every time a Muslim buys a product certified by SANHA, he is paying for a bullet to be used against a fellow Ummati of Nabi Salallahu alayhi Wasallam?

SANHA’s concept of justice debars the refusal to sell the products of the murderers of our mothers, brothers, fathers and children! SANHA’s concept of justice allows for certifying the merchandise of a State that has and is causing untold suffering to Muslims! What is SANHA’s concept of ‘justice’? Licking the very boots which are grinding Muslims to extermination. And SANHA justifies this by abusing and desecrating the Holy Qur’an: “Be just to even your enemy.”

In its entire “Fatwa of Fortune” by an anonymous Mufti, SANHA could not provide even a single justification for their certification of the Zaalim Israeli State’s goods. All their ‘dalaail’ (evidence) only answers one aspect of the question posed to SANHA, viz. why does the  organization not declare Israeli products to be haraam. But aiding and abetting the oppressors is an entirely different issue regarding which SANHA has remained mute to in their ‘fatwa’.

If SANHA’s logic of justice had to be accepted it follows there from that Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) was—Na’oothubillah—unjust to even Muslims. When certain Sahaabah did not participate in the Campaign of Tabook, Nabi (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) severed all relations with them and instructed all Muslims to do the same. According to SANHA logic this is not justice. Can any Muslim conceive such a dastardly notion in regard to the Nabi of Allah (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam)? Never! But SANHA have cast a blind eye to the sensitivities of the Deen in view of the stakes being so high.

SANHA claims: “800 years of bloodshed was not a reason to declare Roman products Haraam.”

In this fallacious reasoning SANHA equates Israeli occupation of Muslim Lands and brutal suppression of Muslims to the wars fought with the Romans. This is incorrect.

The fight with the Romans was on the battlefield. The sword was an adequate response to Roman rebellion. Today with Muslims on their knees unable to fight their enemy, the weapon of economic boycott is just about all that is left to show our resistance and solidarity  with Muslims whom we cannot come to the aid of. SANHA wishes the Muslim Ummah to lay down this weapon of economic sanctions as well, thus alluding to their ill-intent or good-intent completely misdirected. It is well said that it is better to have an intelligent enemy than a dumb friend. The harm a ‘dumb’ friend causes is lasting and fatal. Let SANHA come to their senses!

SANHA recognizes the fight with the apartheid regime. Its members as affiliates of the Jo’burg Jamiat monotonously trumpet this theme. They concede that economic sanctions played a major role in bringing down the former apartheid government. Let SANHA state unequivocally that the policy of economic sanctions against the previous government was ‘a departure from justice with thy enemy’.

SANHA very deceitfully states: “The crops of the Jews of Khaibar were exported to Madinah.”

In this ambiguous and misleading averment SANHA has scraped the bottom of the barrel in its desperate bid to provide some basis for their unholy axis with the Mal’oon Yahood and their products manufactured and harvested at the expense of genocide to the Palestinian people. When there is no reason to resort to such products, in fact, when the Imaani demand of every Muslim in this testing time is to totally abandon Israeli products and sever relations with the murderers of our fellow brethren why does SANHA promote and advertise their ‘halaal’ stamp on these products?

SANHA should make known which period they refer to in their statement: “The crops of the Jews of Khaibar were exported to Madinah.” If they refer to the pre-Khaibar conquest period the simple explanation is that the Muslims and Jews were not at war then. There was a peace-agreement binding on both sides. There was no reason to call on a boycott and implement trade sanctions of Jewish crops harvested in Khaibar.

And if SANHA refers to the post-Khaibar conquest then the error in their averment is too glaring to any student of Deen to proffer any comment. Lest innocent members of this Ummat labour under SANHA’s deception we are constrained to present the fact of the matter. The crops of Khaibar transported to Madinah were not for sale. It was the share, and in the opinion of Imaam-e-A’zam Abu Haneefah (Rahmatullahi alaih) the land-tax, which the Yahood of Khaibar were under obligation to pay to Rasulullah (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam). SANHA’s humbug of ‘export to Madinah’ is therefore ludicrous to say the least.

SANHA avers: “The Halaal status of a product is determined by the Law of Allah. Extraneous circumstances, however deplorable, do not make a product Haraam.”

There we go again! Unsurprisingly, SANHA adopts once more the “shoot and cry” policy of the Yahud. After selling the “Halaal” logo to the Zionist, they cry crocodile tears for our Muslim brothers.  “Deplorable” – is that the most that SANHA could do to describe the genocide of Palestinian Muslims? Is that the most SANHA could do to defend Masjid-e-Aqsa which is close to collapse due to the Israeli excavations taking place? Perhaps SANHA, like the Yahud, expects to be lauded and given a medal for calling the dire situation “deplorable” .

The call was never to declare Israeli products haraam. The call is to refrain from aiding and abetting the Zionist terrorists by boycotting their products and not certifying their goods. This moral-code of Islam in defence of its adherents suffering at the hands of the Zionist brutality has been conveniently overlooked by SANHA.

An experienced, qualified Mufti does not only look at issues in isolation. He has to look at and examine all aspects upon which his Fatwa will impact. Various dimensions of issues will be analysed, scrutinised, evaluated and examined.

It is obvious that the call was never to ONLY declare Israeli products haraam. The larger issue was to refrain from aiding and abetting the Zionist terrorists by boycotting their products and not certifying their goods. This moral-code of Islam in defence of its adherents suffering at the hands of the kuffaar brutality has been conveniently overlooked by SANHA. If SANHA been genuinely keen to identify with the Palestinian suffering, then their Mufti could surely have qualified his Fatwa with the words “Though it is Halaal, yet it should not be purchased due to the boycott call of the Jamiatul-Ulama (formerly Transvaal)”.

Extraneous factors do indeed play a great role in formulating Masaa’il as is apparent from the following Fiqhi examples:

Allah, Most High prohibited Hadhrat Aadam Alayhi Salaam from eating from the forbidden tree. Thus, Allah forbade him from even going close to the tree. “And do not go close to the tree…”

Likewise, Allah Ta’ala did not only stop at prohibiting Zinaa, but he forbade us to go close to any act which would lead to Zinaa. Says Allah, Most High “And do not go near to Zinaa…”

In both the above instances, Allah Ta’ala advises were based on the extraneous factor of temptation. But SANHA’S lust for money blinds their Mufti to take the extraneous factor—the factor of Muslim suffering at the hands of the Zionist barbarians into account.

Another example: There is no Hijaab to be observed with a foster brother. Yet, Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam instructed Hadhrat Ayesha Radiallahu Anha to adopt Hijaab from one of her foster brothers who was a lewd character. Did Rasullullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam not take this extraneous factor of lewdness into account? Did he not make it Haraam for her to associate with a lewd mehram? Are the Zionist not much more lewd and evil? How is it then possible to Halaalize their products with a Fatwa?