The Jamiatul Ulama Gauteng is preparing to undertake a convoy of some 5000 cars from Johannesburg to Pretoria (Union Buildings) on the 31st May 2011 in protest of the Muslim Marriages Bill.

The Bill discriminates against Muslims and is also unconstitutional.

It curtails and restricts our freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

This Bill transmogrifies our Shariah and is an insult to the Qur`aan Majeed and Sunnah.

We urge the Muslim Public to stand up for Islam and join in this protest.

There will be no intermingling or any un-Islamic or criminal activity during this protest. We intend to make our voices heard and our beliefs taken cognisance of in a decent and Islamic manner.

Anyone who wishes to participate in this protest, should kindly forward their names and car registrations to us at:

We are presently in discussions with the Traffic Department in trying to obtain consent for the Protest convoy.

Please do refer to our website  – – for further details and updates regarding this protest convoy.

We also wish to thank the many Muslims who have responded positively to this call thus far.