Question: Some people maintain that we should be broad- minded and wish the Hindus an “auspicious Diwali”. Please comment


Answer: A certain Hindu school teacher wished to colour the brother of Moulana Thanvi Rahmatullahi alayh who was also a school teacher. The brother was very angry at the Hindu. The Hindu laughed and said: “Come on, be a bit broad minded.” Moulana’s brother spontaneously remarked: “No problem, but remember Bakra Eid is around the corner. I will be sending you a parcel of cow meat. I expect you to be broad minded as well”. When the Hindu heard this, he beat a hasty retreat. No, brother, there are limits to broad mindedness. No decent husband will tolerate someone congratulating his wife for a ring bought as a gift for her by a stranger. Where will Allah tolerate a Muslim to congratulate a Mushrik for his celebration of Shirk?