Automatically member of the Jamiat

Q: I have just completed my Aalim course. Please give me some nessehat on how to reform the community. Also, I have been informed that every Aalim is automatically a member of the Jamiat. I am uncomfortable with this. Please advise


A: Before we get to the community, first reform yourself. You can start off by reforming your intention. One does not become an Aalim to reform others, one becomes an Aalim to recognize the Divine Laws, practice upon it and  thereby enrich his soul with the Qurb of Allah and attain Jannah.

Some advices of our Akaabireen hereby follow:

Abstain from all types of contact with women (such as the radio stations and Islamic schools). Be kind to the public. Fear Allah. This here is what the public expect from you. You are a human and you will make mistakes, accept it with dignity and don’t make stories to cover up. If you do so, Allah will abandon you and you will find no helper accept Shaytaan.

Be careful of Shaytaan. Do you not see how he misleads the Ulama astray with their knowledge? An example is the shameless programs that are conducted on air and justified with “there is no shame in Deen”. Shaytaan has misled them into believing that “No shame in Deen”, means that women must shamelessly air their most personal and private issues in public. Yes, there is no shame in Deen, but where is it written that it should be aired to all and sundry? If a woman wants to know something personal , is there not the alternative for her to contact one of the thousands of Alima’s in the country or a Moulana’s wife? Why does a Moulana have to listen and be her tutor and advisor? No wonder the Radio station is being awarded prizes by the Kuffaar. There is no Kitaab that states that you are under obligation to join any Jamiat.