Is there a resolve to the chicken issue?

Q: What is the latest status of the Halaal situation. Is there no way that this problem could be solved. Why is there so much hatred all around? Someone from the UK e-mailed me an article entitled: Halaal  chicken controversy gone global. Nandos UK,


Canada and South Africa are not Halaal. Please comment.

A: The “Halaal” problem is not unique to South Africa. As has been rightly pointed out quite rightly, it is a global one.

In a genuinely free and  unfettered inspection of the Early Bird Chicken plant in 2008, we, The Jamiatul Ulama Gauteng had discovered much of the same rot as mentioned in the e-mail you received. One of the major lessons which you can learn from our experience is that Halaal certifying bodies will do everything in their power to thwart the Truth from emerging. There simply is too much at stake.

In South Africa, SANHA, who describes itself as “representing the Muslim community of South Africa on all matters pertaining to the general application of the term Halaal”, was fuming at our unexpected inspection. A campaign of slander and lies was initiated in order to deceive the public. On their propaganda Radio “Islam” station Sanha brazenly denied that we had visited the plant. We praise Almighty Allah for blessing us with the foresight of recording our visit. When the evidence was made public, Sanha simply went ballistics. Until today, they cannot bring themselves to apologize and do  what any descent Muslim is expected to do when he is wrong. And that is to simply say: “We’re sorry for branding you publicly as liars”.

Be that as it may, the “Halaal” industries of the World like Sanha do not allow any leaders or organization to independently visit any of their chicken plants. They demand that they be present and they demand to be informed beforehand of any visit. Is this demand consistent with the free and unfettered inspections? Is it just ? Is it fair on the Ummah?

The Muslim Ummah is an intelligent Ummah. Defining a problem is but half the solution. The other half is finding a solution to a problem.

We, at the Jamiatul Ulama Gauteng, strongly feel that just as health inspectors are mandated and given immediate access to inspect the chicken plants at any time for any contraventions of law, a neutral board of Muslim inspectors should be established which should be empowered to inspect the slaughtering plants at any time. Companies which refuse to allow such free and unfettered inspections should not be certified as Halaal. These inspectors should have no vested interest in the companies.  It is not entirely necessary that the inspectorate consist of only Ulama. Even uprighteous non-Ulama should be represented. There are no intricate Masaa’il involved in slaughtering a chicken in accordance to the Sunnah method. This may not be the best solution but what other solution is there?

Besides ourselves, the Jamiatul Ulama Natal had also independently inspected the Rainbow plant. What they discovered was disturbing enough for them to invite Sanha to conduct a JOINT inspection. Not one, but two invites were issued to Sanha.

Any serious and sincere Halaal certifying body would have taken the opportunity to accept the invitations. However, Sanha after having twice accepted confirmed joint inspections with the KZN Jamiat, did not pitch up at all. The question now must necessarily arise as to why Sanha backed out? What were they scared of discovering? One should not forget that at the time of the invites, the Jamiatul Ulama Natal was a member of Sanha. They were one of them. The invitations were from one friend to another. Yet, Sanha chose not to pitch up.

After our inspection at the Early Bird plant, we too, were prepared to meet with Sanha. No less than six invites were issued DIRECTLY and via emissaries to them. Not a single invite was acknowledged by them. The Ummah was suffering. The Ummah was

confused then as it is confused now. Sanha preferred silence to our polite invites.  And so we decided to publicly challenge Sanha to manfully meet us in public. Whereas our previous polite invites were ignored, ironically, this robust challenge elicited a response. Drop a title or two, press a button or two, and hey presto, guess what — you honoured with a

response — albeit one filled with lies, slander and false allegations.

We were prepared to meet with Sanha on the following three reasonable conditions:

1) BOTH parties take an oath on the Holy Qur’aan to speak the truth.

2) The dozens of slaughterers be present

3) The meeting be attended by senior Ulama.

We did not  stipulate that only Sanha take an oath. We ourselves were prepared to do so.

Common sense dictates that without the presence of the slaughterers the issue would not be resolved.  And common sense also dictates that senior Ulama be present in order to monitor and assist and judge  fairly the proceedings between warring parties.

We humbly submit to the public to again look at conditions and ask themselves which one was onerous? And even if there was any contentious or reservations, could Sanha not have communicated it to us?

Aaah! But Sanha cries that, “These are people you cannot speak to. They are unapproachable. How do you deal with such people”. They spread their hands, roll their eyes, rub their hands and plead in exasperation.

Bunkum! SANHA approached us in writing when they wanted information about the affidavits of the slaughterers (see our web-site for evidence). They

approached us telephonically on more than one occasion when they wanted clarity on issues such

as the oath-taking exercise. When it suits SANHA, they know our telephone no., know our fax no., and know our e-mail addresses. When it does not suit them, then we are suddenly unapproachable.

Why, their chief theologian, Mr Navlakhi even telephonically complimented Moulana Desai of The Majlis with praises which ardent Mureeds do not use for their Sheikhs. With his perchance for flowery language he simply could not restrain himself and with a voice filled between absolute admiration and raw awe, he confided to us: “Not everyone in the World has the Taqwa of Moulana Desai.”

O, ye Majlis followers, glad tidings be unto you. May Allah increase His Mercy upon all of us. This compliment is a certification of the HAQ. This compliment does not come from any Tom, Dick or Harry, nor from any collaborator of the Majlis. This compliment does not come from The Scholars of The Truth or from anyone who is supposedly in cahoots with the Majlis. To the contrary, this compliment “Not everyone in the World has the Taqwa of Moulana Desai” comes directly from the CHIEF THEOLOGIAN OF SANHA!

Allah also has His own Unique Unmatched Wisdom. In the house of Firaun, His Nabi Musa alayhi Salaam was reared. Here we find a  person whom the Majlis has  branded as a Faasiq and a Faajir and even worse, singling out his nemesis and singing like a canary his praises as being a man of Allah:

“Not everyone in the World has the Taqwa of Moulana Desai.”

The Chief theologian of Sanha testifies that Moulana Desai is endowed with such a high level of Taqwa which very few in the country, nay, in the entire World is blessed with. How true is the Arabic adage: “The Truth is that which the enemy testifies to.”

In conclusion, we had issued an affidavit FIVE MONTHS AGO debunking Sanha’s false allegations and challenged SANHA to issue an answering affidavit. If any of those slanders were true, Sanha would have responded by now. To date they have not done so. This in itself speaks volumes of their credibility and their dishonesty.

But then what else is to be expected from an organization that has “Halaalized” in the name of Islam, Israeli products? What is to be expected from an organization that even as it claims to handle the Amaanah of Halaal of the Ummah with utmost care, it’s logo appeared on “Pork spices” and ham? What is to be expected from an organization that is morally and Imaani so bankrupt that it certifies drinking water for Casino companies? Despite all of this and more, we still do make Du’aa that Allah grant us,  Sanha and The Jamiat of Fordsburg who fully bless, support  and defend Sanha on their Radio station, the Taufeeq to tread the path of Truth and His Pleasure. (Ameen)