Q: For approximately 10 years I have suffered from OCD recognised as a mental illness in some medical quarters. This manifests itself in three ways.


First, excessive washing of hands. Second, plagued by extreme, virtually uncontrollable emotion very quickly and third analysis of every statement for kufr. This last issue is currently dominating my life to the extent that everyday I am asking several muftis the same question in order to be sure that I or my wife have not committed kufr.

The result of all this is mental turmoil resulting in neglect of Salah during Ramadhan, depression & a strain on my marriage. Please suggest a cure.

A: From your e-mail it is clear that you are an intelligent educated adult who is fully in charge of all his mental faculties. You have sufficient fear of Allah to the extent that you are worried about committing Kufr. You are sensitive enough to understand that you are putting your marriage under stress.

The solution to your problem is thus within your  own self. Combat Shaytaan by trying the following: Recite one hundred times A-oothu Billahi Minash-Shaytaanir-Rajeem every morning and evening. Recite one hundred Laa-ilaha illallahu Muhammed ur Rasullullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam. In Hadith it comes that refresh your Imaan by reciting  the Kalima. Don’t ask anyone one nor probe any of your statements. You now have asked Allah to protect you from Shaytaan and you now have renewed your Imaan. There is now no need to worry.