Q & A: Arbitration


Q. I had an accident and my car needed repairs. I took the car to a panel beating shop and they gave me a written quote. There have been a few issues raised with distrust of the panel beater. His actions have compromised the reliability and value of my car. In order to settle these issues, we agreed to seek Shariah-based arbitration. Who can I call to talk to about this and how do we go about making an appointment?

A. We are reluctant to commit ourselves to arbitration. We are, however, in a position to issue a Shar’i verdict (Fatwa). If both parties to the dispute present their case in writing, honestly and with clarity we will, Insha Allah, issue the ruling of the Shariah. Thereafter, it rests with the Imaani-conscience of the disputants. They should fear Allah Ta’ala by meditating on the consequences of their actions and statements in the Aakhirah and apply our Fatwa. Taufeeq to practise on the Truth is in the Hands of Allah Ta’ala.