Study shows Coca Cola, Pepsi contain alcohol

Study shows Coca Cola, Pepsi contain alcohol


Despite Muslims knowing that these drinks contain alcohol, they still drink it. This is because the minds and hearts have been transformed due to

over indulgence in sin. May Allah save us!

Sat Jun 30, 2012 2:8PM

More than half of leading US-made soft drinks contain traces of alcohol, according to the latest tests conducted by the National Consumer Institute (INC).

The Paris-based INC said the brand leaders of Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola are among the drinks.

French magazine 60 Million Consumers published the results of the tests, saying that the alcohol levels are up to 10 mg per liter and this works out at around 0.001 percent alcohol.

The tests also showed “the presence of certain elements, such as Terpenes, which are known allergens.”

Other controversial ingredients include phosphoric acid, sweetener or coloring E150d (Sulphite ammonia caramel), with the latter having been recently registered by the State of California on the list of hazardous constituents to health.

Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola had announced that they would not use the ingredient in their products in the United States.

The survey revealed the high amount of sugar in the sodas, between 17 and 19 pieces of sugar per liter.

Muslim consumers of Cola are concerned because Islam forbids them from drinking alcohol.

The presence of alcohol in colas is discussed on the Internet, including forums devoted to Islam, who wonder if the drink is in accordance with halal food.