Hear this heartfelt cry…

Abdulla Ameen

A comment  from the petition 


This letter is from a south African layman to the ulama of ITV/Radio islaam. I would like to share it on the forum.


Respected ulama i am writing this with regards to the statement which you recently made on the television issue. 

Moulana please don’t see my email as a personal attack. I am only writing this as my heart bleeds to see islaam being obliterated by the same people who are supposed to be its protectors and upholders i.e the ulama, and being a muslim i see it as an obligation to at least remind you of your responsibility to us and our children.

I cannot undersatand how the T.V is suddenly being made halal. How is this ever possible? How can a tool of so much filth, immorilty and kufr ever be used to propogate the pure and holy religion of islaam?

Moulana wasn’t it until just recently that all our S.A ulama unanamously agreed that the T.V is haraam? That the agels do not enter the home wherein the T.V is on. That its a terrible thing to keep in the house considering the filth, haram, immodesty and zina which emanates from it. Now the ulama are appearing on the same ”Devil box” which they and their elders/ustaadh’s encouraged us to throw out of our homes!!!

If the ulama are on T.V, that means T.V is halaal and if its halaal why must’nt muslims have it in their homes? even if they lived their entire lives without it – now that its officially declared halaal by respected ulama – theres no need to ‘deprive’ themselves and their children the ‘liberty’ of having a T.V set at home. Within days i’ve seen staunch muslims justifying the purchase of the T.V with the above mentioned mentality. 

What are you people doing O’ heirs of Rasoolullah (salallahu-alaihiwasallam)? 


As a laymen i can tell you respectable moulana that in comparison to the harms of a T.V, the benifits are not even worth mentioning – its nothing. There’s no scope for permittance of the T.V in ALLAH’S sparkling clean shariah. We need to follow the advise and teachings of our predesessors, for they understood the deen better – far better than we can even dream of. 

Please moulana, please – i beg you from the bottom of a broken heart to retract your statement. Retract it for the pleasure of ALLAH. Retract it for the safety of our children’s imaan and for the sakew of islaam. Please moulana, remember the same ALLAH who gave you honor can snatch away your honor! Fear ALLAH and lead us on the true and pure path of Rasoolullah (salallahu-alaihiwasallam). 

Its you our ulama that we have to rely on to teach us. To educate us. To guide us to Jannah. If you abandon this responsibility, we are lost……

We WANT the true original islaam. The islaam which was taught by Nabi (salallahu-alaihiwasallam) and passed on – by the ulama – from generation to generation until it reached YOU. 

Thats the islaam we want moulana. 

Don’t deprive us, don’t let its beauty and original splendour die out. Don’t kill its glitter and purity with the darkness and faahisha of the accursed television. Don’t let us down. Don’t let islaam down and ALLAH will reward you moulana. ALLAH will reward you with more than you can imagine INSHAALLAH!