Beacon fizz pop and smoothies range

Question: Can we eat Beacon Fizz pops and smoothies?

Answer: No the entire range of the two names mentioned are Not Halaal.

Here is the correspondance from Tiger brands:

From: ****** [mailto:*******] On Behalf Of Consumer Services


To: Dr.

Subject: RE: FeedBack From Tiger Brands Site

Good Day

Please receive the information pertaining to our range of Beacon products you enquired about.

Our range of Fizz Pops products do not contain any animal matter; with only the cola variant containing a small percentage of ethanol.

Our Sparkles Ice Mint does not contain animal matter or alcohol based solvents; whilst the remaining range does include either animal matter only; or both.

Concerning our Smoothies range; the variants which do contain alcohol based solvents are as follows: Banana & Custard, Mixed berry mint, Mango, Blackcurrant, Cherry Menthol; Lemon and Lemon Menthol. Variants which do not include either are Mentholyptus; Ice Menthol; Peppermint;Mint and Menthol.

We can confirm that the product information quoted above relates to the most current and up to date information from the technical division; but the information is subject to change dependant on factors outside of our control. Given that the products are manufactured on the same facility the possibility of cross contamination does occur between variants despite every care being taken to negate such occurrences.

Our technical division for Tastic has confirmed that the products do not contain animal matter or alcohol based solvents; but the Savory & Wild and Spicy Spanish contain a flavor which includes ethanol.

Kind Regards

Desmond Govender

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