3 sms’s with “talaaq”

Question: Last year my husband and i fought and he gave 3 sms’s with “talaq” and “divorce” in it.

Then he said he made a mistake and he is human and dont want to leave me. So we stayed together. 

This weekend i found out he is cheating on me and asked to leave and give talaq and he refused.

Am i talaq already and what happens now regarding my iedit. i dont know and am very confused.


1. Your nikaah irrevocably broke last year when your husband sent you the three talaaqs via sms. Your subsequent union with him was an adulterous union and hence the misfortune that ensued by him ‘cheating’ on you.

2. Your iddat commenced from the time he issued you with the first talaaq and is most probably over by now in which case you are free to marry someone else.