The Barelwi ‘Imkaan-e-Kithb’ Bogey

The Barelwi ‘Imkaan-e-Kithb’ Bogey

The Barelwi sect has kicked up much dust and dirt and has blown a lot of hot and stale air in its nefarious ruse of vilifying some of the greatest personages and savants of this Ummah in recent times. They have slapped a ‘fatwa’ of kufr on Hazrat Moulana Rasheed Ahmed Gangohi, Hazrat Moulana Qaasim Saheb Nanotwi, Hazrat Moulana Khaleel Ahmad Ambethwi, Hazrat Shah Ismail Shaheed and many other Akaabir Ulama of this Ummah. May Allah Ta’ala cast His Gaze of Rahmat on these illustrious Ulama of Deoband and grant them Jannatul Firdaus, Aameen. The Father of the patriarch of Barelwism states: “Moulana Rasheed Ahmed Saheb Muhaddith of Gangohi and Moulana Muhammad Qaasim Saheb Nanotwi are Ulama of the Deen and True Mu-mineen,” yet the patriarch and his offspring deem it fit and ‘ibaadat’ to speak in horrendous terms about these Awliya of Allah. There is no escape from hurting Allah Ta’ala’s Friends. Let all Barelwis take note.

We have, through the Fadhl of Allah Ta’ala, responded earlier to the utter calumny which this sect of grave and peer worshippers thrive on. In response, the Barelwi sect could only clutch at the ‘Imkaan-e-Kithb’ bogey desperately flashing what they perceive, or rather, hallucinate to be a dent in the formidable armoury of the Ulama of Deoband. Without applying their brains they blurt out the ‘imkaan-e-kithb’ bogey in front of every tom, dick and harry. The simple Barelwi laity, being completely unschooled in the technical discussions in the Field of Islamic Aqaaid have, true to their addiction, gorged up all the blatant slanders which their errant peers have fed them. Herewith we present a simple explanation for the many seekers of the Truth; those who refuse to be blindly led by the cult leaders of the Barelwi sect. After seven straws of their humdrum blasphemy have sunk into the depths of the deep ocean the only straw which the Barelwi sect still clutches onto for dear life is hereby torpedoed by the Fadhl of Allah. And peace be upon those who seek guidance.


Destroying This Universe

We ask you, O Barelwi Brother, what your belief is in regard to Allah Ta’ala’s qudrat of destroying the entire world at this moment of time? Is it possible; can Allah Ta’ala destroy the universe and everything therein now, or not?

If you say, “no,” we advise you to seek help from a psychoanalyst, for verily you are mentally deranged. Your ‘god’ then is similar to the Greek god, ‘the first cause’. You have stripped your ‘god’ or sheared from His attribute of Omnipotence.

And if you answer, “Yes, He definitely has this power,” then verily the ‘imkaan-e-kithb’ bogey stares at you head on. In spite of it being our Aqeedah – the Aqeedah of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah – that certain major signs will appear before the destruction of this universe, regardless, Allah Ta’ala has the Full Power of terminating the existence of this universe whenever He wishes, although He will not go against His word and He will let the major signs be enacted before destroying all creation. This is Umoom-e-Qudrat – the universality of Allah Ta’ala’s power. Call it ‘imkaan-e-kithb’ if you like.


Bestowing Imaan to Everyone

If you are still disbelieving, then here is an even simpler illustration; an axiomatic truth. We ask you, O Barelwi Brother, can Allah Ta’ala make the whole world Muslims and People of Imaan at any time He wishes? If you say, “no,” then we admonish you to visit your local Imaam and renew your Shahaadah. And if you declare, “yes” then the ‘imkaan-e-kithb’ bogeyman has hugged and kissed you, for verily Allah Ta’ala declares that He has the Power – the Qudrat – of making all mankind Mu-min if He wishes, but His decision not to, has already been resolved. Can there be a more glaring example of ‘umoom-e-qudrat/ imkaan-e-kithb/ mahaal lizaatihi and mahaal lighairihi/ khalf-e-wa’eed – you can designate it whatever you wish – than this?

This is the simple and straightforward concept of the power of Allah Ta’ala to carry out the contrary to what He has promised. However, in practice and in this present world His erstwhile decision will not change. The terrible and fatal blunder the Barelwi ‘scholars’ have committed is to take literal what is technical, thus extrapolating the appalling charges which they level against the honourable  senior Ulama of Deoband. Those for whom hidaayat has been decreed will be guided and those who are destined for Jahannam will never be guided.