The Effects of Reciting the Du’aa When Emerging from One’s Home

Q. We know that the Du’aa for leaving the house: “Bismillaahi tawakkaltu ‘alallaah; Lalaa haula walaa quwwata illaah billaah,” guarantees safety over those things and those people we leave at home, na’m? But, I also heard that this Du’aa guarantees safety over the journey you undertake and success over whatever (halaal) thing you will be doing when you reach your destination. Also it guarantees a safe return home. Is what I heard true?

Answer:  Sincerity in Du’aa is of paramount importance. Commensurate to the Ikhlaas (sincerity) of the bandah (servant of Allah Ta’ala) he (the bandah) will reap the rewards of his deeds. With a sincere intention all the goals you have described will be realized through the recitation of the Du’aa upon leaving home, Insha Allah.