Surah Faatihah, 4

“We only worship You (Allah) and we request assistance only from You.”

(Surah Faatihah, 4)

Q. “We request assistance only from You,” expresses seeking of assistance from Allah Ta’ala exclusively, whereas in our daily routine we ask help from others?

A. The Aayat implies that we should not ask help from someone thinking of that person to be independent of Allah. It is permissible to take aid from others in things within their volition as it is obvious that they are not independent. Everyone knows that let Allah Ta’ala just incapacitate that person, then he will be helpless to save himself. (Ashrafut Tafaaseer)

Comment: It is not permissible to seek aid or assistance from creation in matters totally beyond the will and control of creation. In such matters, making du’aa unto Allah is the only solution. It is permissible to seek creation’s assistance in matters which Allah Ta’ala has given creation a degree of control and option provided that one understands and believes that the action of that creation is determined by the Will of Allah Jalla wa Alaa.