(Surah Faatihah, 5,7

“(O Allah) Show us the Straight Path.”

(Surah Faatihah, 5)

This refers to the Path of Deen. (Bayaanul Qur’aan)

“Not the path of those upon whom Your wrath settled…”

(Surah Faatihah, 7)

Those upon whom the wrath of Allah settled are the Yahood who were inflicted with Divine Wrath in the form of disfigurement into animals and other forms of chastisement.

They overwhelmingly suffered the fate of Divine Wrath for this reason that in spite of knowing the truth [delivered by the Ambiya] they were antagonistic purely out of villainy and enmity. Such people are more deserving of the wrath of Allah.

(Ashrafut Tafaaseer)