Sayings of Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah 21-25

21. In the evening, Shaitaan places his throne on the ocean. This is istidraaj (a trap to destroy), it is not karaamat. Thus, if something new; a supernatural feat is displayed by one who is not observant of the Shariah then do not be deceived. It is istidraaj.

22. It comes in the Hadeeth Shareef that when a person becomes angry at something which is against his fancy then in appearance he may be a human, but in fact he has turned into a monster and is on the verge of falling into Jahannam.

23. Shaitaan hates a person studying knowledge of the Deen.

24. What does the eye want to look at? What does the tongue desire to speak? What does the ear itch to hear? Keeping these desires in check is control over one’s passion.

25. Elevating the Deen, toppling the shayaateen, torturing the nafs and crushing one’s passion are the four elements of a Mujaahid’s Jihaad. And, these are found in seeking knowledge (Talab-e-Ilm) as well.