Television, Video Clips and Photos for ‘Da’wah’ Purposes

Television, Video Clips and Photos for ‘Da’wah’ Purposes

Q. I’m a student from U.K. I hope you are in best of health and Imaan. I wanted Mufti Saheb’s verdicts on these questions which are all linked with each other in some way. Or maybe you can forward me some links to the fataawa or articles.

Firstly is the issue of using the Television for Dawah. I understand the stance of our Ulama regarding Television; why it is forbidden and its evils, and I totally agree with that. Here in the U.K the large majority of people watch ‘islamic’ channels on the T.V, yet most, if not all of the channels, do not impart correct Islamic knowledge of Islam, or have great defects in beliefs like Qadianism, Shiaism and others. Coming from a Sunni Deobandi background I see that our Ulama are not as yet fully involved with dawah and teaching on Television. Some say that it is haraam and some say there is a need. However nothing clear has been put forward to the people. The Darul Ulooms where I studied in Leicester and Blackburn U.K, it is the same situation. Some Teachers and Muftees say, “No” and some say, “There is a desperate need”. Yet still nobody has given a clear answer or announced anything about it. Should the T.V be used for this purpose as millions of people’s Imaan is being destroyed and affected, or is best to stay away as the means is haraam so it will not bring benefit?

Secondly is the question regarding ‘islamic’ videos and clips, and photos. I understand that just for entertainment and remembrance taking photos and videos are impermissable according to many Ulama. However, is it the same for an Islamic purpose? Or is it different, be it youtube or some other stream or video clips and pictures for Islamic charity work? Many of the Deobandi-background Ulama here make regular videos of bayaans and charity work and have pictures in their charities yet nobody has mentioned a clear ruling regarding this. Do we say that photos are permissable now, as many of our Ulama are make videos freely, but nobody mentions anything about it? This has left people confused.

I am only a young student of Deen and closely trying to follow what my teachers say and what is the truth and preach this to others. However, on these points there is a split and there is no clear and open verdict from anyone. I look forward to Mufti Saheb’s answer.

A. Television is the haraam appendage of Shaitaan. It is a tool satanically designed for the evil of sin, fisq and fujoor. It is not utilized in isolation of the abomination of animate pictures. Utilizing the television for Da’wah purposes is therefore haraam.

Those who are calling for this haraam institution to be utilized for the Propagation of Islam suffer from the malady of hubb-e-jaah (self-aggrandizement) and hubb-e-maal (love for wealth). Their gazes are on people from whom they desire name, fame and acclaim. Pleasing Allah Tabaaraka Wa Ta’ala is furthest from their minds. They clutch at any najaasat to propel themselves into the limelight. Islam is not in need of their abhorrent ways of propagation.

Alhamdulillah, the Madaaris and Darul Ulooms of South Africa linked to Deoband are unanimous in their stand of this medium being haraam for propagation. Numerous articles and booklets have been written by our Ulama here in South Africa debunking the hallucination of the ‘need’ for this instrument of the Devil – Dajjaal’s Horrible Eye – to be used for Da’wah purposes.
If you desire to research the issue further, contact the following institutions and websites requesting all their literature in this regard:

  •, who in their An Nasihah N. 121 — October 2012 — issue have carried a laudable article on TV being haraam for promoting Deen. The shenanigans of those ‘ulama’ who are insanely pursuing the drive for its permissibility have been laid bare in the An-Nasihah article. This journal is published by Darul Uloom Azaadville.
  • And, you can visit our website to view our issue of The Shariah, V2 N7.

The “Deobandi” ulama you refer to are in actual fact ex-Deobandi Ulama. All forms of videos, motion clips, Youtube, etc. depicting animate objects are haraam. Appearing on these media for Tableegh of the Deen is haraam and no amount of technical juggling and hallucinating ‘reflections’ can produce a Fatwa of Jawaaz (permissibility). The image on the screen is nothing but a haraam picture whose production has been vehemently denounced in the Ahadeeh of Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam).

Television is haraam. Utilizing it for Deeni purposes is compound haraam.