The Divine Medical Scheme

The Divine Medical Scheme

Q. Please advise if there is a suitable medical scheme one can join? The main reason for asking is that private healthcare is prohibitively expensive and my mother is now reaching an elderly age and is quite sickly. Your advice here shall really be appreciated.

A. Allah Ta’ala has created us and sent us to this world to face up to tests and trials on our Imaan. He has granted us a Shariah – an Immutable Code of life to follow. The Mu-min is required to turn his/her gaze to Allah Ta’ala Who is the Creator, Sustainer and Overseer of His Creation. He is The Omnipotent.

In times of difficulty and distress – just as in times of ease and happiness – our gazes should be on Allah Ta’ala and His Help. Our gazes should not be on our material assets and wealth. Our wealth and possessions will not avail us at all if Allah Ta’ala decides to withhold His Aid from us. And even if we are indigent and severely lacking resources, if Allah Ta’ala sends His Rahmat and Nusrat (Aid) then we will surely find solutions to our problems and Divine Aid with us.

In a Hadeeth-e-Qudsi, Allah Ta’ala states: “I am according to how my bandah thinks of me.” If we have reservations about the Help of Allah Ta’ala and are pessimistic of His Mercy we will be faced with misery and difficulty in our daily affairs. On the other hand, if we adopt a positive attitude and think good of Allah Ta’ala we will find ease and opportunities aplenty in our daily life.

There are no medical schemes which are permissible to the best of our knowledge. Repose your trust in Allah Ta’ala, abide diligently to the Shariah, eat halaal and tayyib food, abstain from unwholesome battery chickens, stay miles away from SANHA & Co. certified and approved carrion chickens, and make plenty of Du’aa fervently for your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your mother. Insha-Allahul Azeez your fears will be put to rest. Reciting Qur’aan Shareef in abundance, especially during old age is a spiritual and physical cure. This is the Divine Scheme of the Shariah for you, your mother and all mankind.

Allah Ta’ala affirms: “Whosoever adopts Taqwa, Allah will create a way out for him/her (from difficulties) and sustain him/her from whence he/she never even expected.” (Surah Talaaq, 2,3)