Sayings of Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah 81-85

81. Just as there are Masaail of Fiqh, similarly there are Masaail of Sulook.

82. It is imperative for those who offer Salaat to be aware of the Masaail of Salaat. In like manner, it is imperative, utterly imperative, for those engrossed in Tazkiyah Baatin (Purification of the heart and soul) with Ibaadat and Taa’at to know the Masaail of Tazkiyah.

83. Moulana Gangohi used to say towards the end of his life: “Only now have I accomplished this much that I do not have to look at any kitaab for Masaail pertaining to Namaaz.”

84. Muftis! Look at how much mutaala’ah (study and research) is required; how much time is required in studying Ilm with due application of the mind; and how much investigation, probing and searching are required!

85. These Majaalis (plural of Majlis: assembly of the Shaikh) are a boon to the one who is engrossed in Tazkiyah Baatin (purification of the heart and soul).