Sayings of Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah 96-100

96. Sincerely, honestly, carefully, and bearing in mind one’s belief in the Aakhirat, gradually becoming immune to evil notwithstanding having the human propensity of evil is the reason for desiring one’s Islaah and embarking on one’s Islaah.

97. The help and taufeeq of Allah Ta’ala is with the Mukhliseen (the sincere).

98. Major sins and transgression were discarded when the mureed repeated at the time of bai’t, “I repent from sins.” In so far as minor sins are concerned, these can gradually be weeded out, but major sins were earmarked for disposal already then.

99. One should be striving to fulfil the Command of Allah, but one’s gaze should not be on one’s effort. (In other words, one should not become vain over one’s actions. On the contrary, one should seek the Help of Allah Ta’ala and one should focus one’s attention on correctly fulfilling the obligations of the Shariah.)

100. Ilm-e-Kalaam was formulated to respond to adversaries, for the Mu’tazilah and philosophers already in the time of Imam Abu Haneefah had started to raise intellectual discussions on the Tauheed (unity) and Wujood (existence) of Allah Ta’ala. Debates ensued. Thus the Mutakallimeen were left with no alternative other than formulating Ilmul Kalaam to repel that fitnah.