Sayings of Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah 111-115

111. The five daily Salaats in their respective times are commanded with utmost emphasis. Thus, what degree of care and importance should be attached to them!?

112. The Lovers of Allah should be in search of more (Ibaadaat to carry out) for it is only but the nature of a Mu-min to have love for Allah.

113. O Lover! Whenever you desire; whenever you find the urge then fulfil your urge for more with Nawaafil.

114. Those Mu-mineen who dutifully observe their five times daily Salaat, Masha-Allah, all of them are on the Path of Sulook; all are Saalikeen.

115. Those who are in pursuit of Nawaafil, they are with jazb in Sulook. Together with being Saalik they are Majzoob as well. In other words, they are Saalik-e-Aashiq (Madly in love with Allah and following His Shariah).