Haraam bakers biscuits

Haraam Bakers Biscuits

It has been established that the following brands of BAKERS BISCUITS contain alcohol:




ICED ZOO BISCUITS  contain HARAAM  gelatine.

Abstention from these biscuits is Waajib. All forms of alcohol are HARAAM. Although NIHT has  certified these biscuits ‘halaal’, according to the Shariah the biscuits are HARAAM.

Do not be misled and fooled by the deceptive arguments which classify certain types of alcohol as ‘halaal’.  According to the Shariah, all types of alcohol are haraam.

The corrupt arguments of NIHT halaalizing alcohol has been debunked in a recent publication titled ‘Liquor- the process of halaalization’ by the Majlisul Ulama of South Africa. Click on the following link to view and download the book LIQUOR- The process of halaalization

Also click here and view the article COMMERCIAL BISCUITS in response to the baseless argumentrs NIHT.