Q&A: When to Stop Eating Sehri

Q. My question is: During sahar, till what time could we consume food? Some people here in Sri Lanka stop eating a few minutes before the Azaan for the Fajar Prayer is called out during Ramadhaan. Is it correct? Should we stop consuming food and drink at sahar end?

A. One has to necessarily stop eating before Subh Saadiq which is the first light which spreads horizontally in the eastern horizon at dawn. The Azaan of Fajr is usually given a few minutes after Subh Saadiq. It is therefore not permissible to eat right up to the time of the Fajr Azaan. Fajr Salaat Time commences with Subh Saadiq. You should ascertain the exact time of Subh Saadiq or True Dawn in Sri Lanka and stop eating for Sehri a few minutes before.