Q&A:Giving Fitrah to a Struggling Employee

Q. We have a Muslim employee that earns around R1000.00 per week. He is battling to make ends meet with this income as he has wife and children. While he is working and earning, he can be classed as poor. Would I be:

1)                Able to pay him my fitrah?

2)                Do I have to inform him that the money I am giving him is fitrah?

A. 1. It is permissible to give the said employee Fitrah provided that he does not have superfluous items such as TV sets, radios, ornaments, etc. to the value of the Zakaat Nisaab which is approx. R4700 presently.

2. It is not necessary to inform the person to whom you are giving Sadaqatul Fitr that it is Fitrah.