A man wrote to Hadhrat Hakimul Ummat that he (the author of the letter) was involved in the disease of casting evil glances. Hakimul Ummat replied: “What, is this not controllable?

Casting an evil glance is a volitional act (i.e. done by one’s own free will. Nobody is forcing you). Hence, it is within one’s ability to control and abstain from it, even though it may be difficult. However, people just refuse to undergo any difficulty. But … the punishment of Jahannam is most severe and difficult. I asked the man who is involved in this disease of evil glances:

If the husband of the woman is watching you, will you still stare at her?”

He said: “No!”

I said to him: “The Greatness of Allah in your heart does not even equal the greatness which your heart has for her husband. Allah Ta’ala is Omnipresent. He watches our conditions at all times. At all times He is aware of our evil conditions. However, we are not deterred. We are not conscious of being watched by Allah Ta’ala every moment. If this consciousness is developed there will not be the audacity to sin