Teachings of Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah

A buzrug fixed his staff in the ground and began to perform his Salaat. (The staff served the purpose of a sutra. A sutra is any stick or raised object which the musalli has to place in front of him when he is performing Salaat in an open place where people are passing to and fro. – Translator) Another buzrug arrived at the same place and he also fixed his staff in the ground nearby and began to perform Salaat. The top of the staff was of steel – the asaa (staff) of Musaa (alayhis salaam) also had a head of steel – and since the staff was not firmly embedded in the ground the greater weight on top caused the staff to incline towards the staff of the other buzrug. The staff fell knocking down the staff of the first buzrug. On completing his Salaat the buzrug picked up his staff and departed. When the second buzurg completed his Salaat he hastened after the first buzrug. When he caught up with him, he profusely apologized for the inconvenience which he had caused the first buzrug who was constrained to bend down to pick up his fallen staff. The second buzrug said: “It was because of my carelessness that you had to bend down to pick up your staff. Had I fixed my staff firmly into the ground, it would not have fallen. Your staff would then not have been knocked down and you would not have suffered the inconvenience of having to bend down and pick up your staff. Please do forgive me.” Such is the lofty and noble moral character of the Auliya.