Sayings of Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah (161-165)

161. It comes in the Hadeeth Shareef that when a person is buried then athaab (punishment) will come to him from his right only for Namaaz (Salaat) to block the athaab; the athaab will come from the left, his Roza (fasting) will come in between; from the side of his head athaab will come, but some other Deeni practice of his will serve as a buffer.
162. The question remains: how do we neutralize the poison of this world so that we escape its harmful effects? The cure is: Zikrullah, Ilm-e-Deen and company of the Awliya.
163. Zikrulluh produces love for Allah.
164. Through Ilm-e-Deen fervour for Itaa’at (Divine Obeisance) will brim.
165. By virtue of the company of the Buzrugs the soul of Itaa’at – Ikhlaas – and correction of deeds will be acquired.