Hawwa (alayhas salam)

Hawwâ ‘alayhas salâm

She is the wife of Aadam (alayhis salaam) and the mother of all mankind. Allah, with His absolute power, created her from the left rib of Âdam. Thereafter, He got her married to him and made them stay in heaven. There was a tree in heaven from which they were prohibited to eat. Shaytaan deluded her into eating it mistakenly. Upon this, Allah commanded them to leave heaven and go to the world. When she came to this world, she cried abundantly on account of her mistake. Allah forgave her and made her stay with Âdam, from whom she had separated prior to this. Thereafter, numerous children were born to them.

Lesson: O women! See how Hawwâ admitted her mistake and repented. Some women try to defend their actions and do not admit their mistakes. There are many other women who continue sinning throughout their lives without even worrying about giving them up – this is more so when it comes to making ghîbah and holding on to baseless customs. O women! Abandon this habit. If you err or commit any sin, give it up immediately and repent.