Wudu and Purity

Wudu and Purity

1.  Perform your wudhu in a proper manner even if you do not feel like doing so.

2.  There is greater reward in performing a fresh wudhu.

3.  When relieving yourself, do not face the qiblah nor turn your back towards the qiblah.

4.  You must be cautious with regard to urine splashing on you. By being unmindful in this regard, one is punished in the grave.

5.  Do not urinate in a hole as there is the possibility of a snake, scorpion or any other dangerous animal emerging from it.

6.  Do not urinate in the place where you have a bath.

7.  Do not engage in any conversation when relieving yourself.

8.  When you wake up, do not insert your hand in a utensil containing water until you have thoroughly washed your hands.

9.  Do not use water that has been warmed in the sun as there is the possibility of being infected with white liver whereby the body is tainted with white marks.