1. As regards the marriage of your children, always try and ensure that it is with a religious-minded person. Do not be concerned about wealth and status. These days, many of those who are highly educated from western institutions utter things which amount to kufr. It is not permissible to marry such persons whereby the rest of one’s life is spent in immorality.

2.  It is the habit of the majority of women to describe other women to their husbands. This is extremely evil. When the husband is attracted to one of these women (who has been described by his wife), this wife will then sit down and cry and regret her action.

3.  If a proposal has been sent to a certain family and it is known that they might respond favourably, do not send a proposal on behalf of any of your children. However, if the person abandons his proposal or they respond in the negative; it will be permissible for you to send a proposal there.

4.  Allah detests it when the private affairs of the husband and wife are discussed with one’s friends and relatives. Many brides and bridegrooms are not cautious in this regard.

5.  If a person consults you with regard to a certain person (whom he intends to marry or get married) and asks you for advice, then do not conceal any faults of that person if you have knowledge of them. In such a case, this ghîbah will not be harâm. However, do not unnecessarily find faults with a person.

6. If the husband is in a good financial position and yet he does not give his wife even the basic expenses, it will be permissible for the wife to take his money secretly. However, it is not permissible to take money in this manner in order to purchase something unnecessary or merely to fulfil and uphold worldly customs and habits.