Salaah Etiquette


Offer your salat at the appropriate time. Carry out the rukus and sajdahs in the proper manner and offer your salat with concentration.

When a child reaches the age of seven, emphasize the importance of salat to him. When he reaches the age of ten, beat him if necessary, in order to get him to offer his salat.

It is not good to offer salat in such clothes or at such a place whereby you become distracted and begin to concentrate on the flowers and leaves that are depicted on such clothes or at such a place (e.g. prayer mats – musallas – on which such designs are depicted).

There should be a barrier in front of the person offering salat. If there isn’t anything, a stick should be placed or any other raised object should be placed. Such an object should be placed to the right or left of the person offering salat.

On completing the fard salat, it is preferable to move away from that place and offer the sunnah, nafl salat.