Eating and Drinking

Eating and Drinking

Commence eating by reciting Bismillah. Eat with the right hand. Eat the food that is in front of you. However, if there are several things on a platter, such as different types of fruit or different types of sweetmeats, then take whatever you wish and from whichever side you wish.

Always lick your fingers. If there is any gravy left over on the plate, clean it as well.

If a morsel of food falls from your hand, pick it up, clean it, and eat it. Do not be boastful (by abstaining from picking it up).

There are slices of water-melon, grapes and dates or pieces of sweetmeats on the table. In such a case, take one at a time, do not take two-three slices or two-three pieces at a time.

If you have eaten anything that is foul-smelling, such as raw onions or garlic, then wash your mouth thoroughly if you intend sitting or being in the company of others.

When preparing your daily meals, ensure that you measure all the ingredients such as rice, flour, etc. properly. Do not cook by mere estimation.

When you have completed your meal, express your gratitude to Allah.

Wash your hands before and after eating. Gargle your mouth as well.