Making Muslims Understand (Part Four)


(Part Four)

g. There should necessarily be in every town Maktabs of Ta’leem of the Qur’aan Shareef in which together with teaching the Qur’aan, the Urdu treatises; Behshti Zewar, Behshti Thamar, Rah-e-Najaat, etc. should also be taught so that the children become aware of necessary Masaail.

h. It should be emphasised that all Muslims should live in harmony and united and that all swearing, fighting and feuding should be stopped.

i. One influential and Deeni-conscious person or a Jamaat of few influential and Deeni-conscious persons of the town should be made the superior. The duty of the senior/s will be to uphold unity and conformity, spread the above protocols, when any dispute arises to ascertain from the Ulama the Ruling of the Shariah and pass verdict accordingly, and to emphasise this verdict to everyone.

(To be continued, Insha-Allah)