Do not walk around with just one shoe or sandal. Do not cover yourself with a blanket, shawl, etc. in such a way that it is difficult for you to walk or take out your hands (from underneath).

Commence wearing your clothes from the right-side. For example, the right sleeve, the right leg, the right shoe, etc. When removing your clothes, commence from the left-side.

Upon wearing your clothes, recite the Masnoon du’aa. In doing so, your sins will be forgiven.

Do not wear clothes which reveal the aurah. (In which there is no purdah or which show the shape of your body).

Do not sit in the company of rich women who wear extravagant clothes and jewellery. In doing so, you will unnecessarily begin to attach importance to this world.

Do not consider it disgraceful to wear patched clothes.

Clothes should not be worn with too much of formalities and care, nor should they be dirty and untidy. Wear average clothes and keep them clean.