Sickness and Tending to the Sick

Sickness and Tending to the Sick

Do not compel a sick person to eat and drink.

Do not indulge yourself when you are sick (by overstepping the prescribed diet of the sickness).

Never use amulets (ta’widh) that are contrary to the Shari’ah, nor should you use charms, superstitious remedies, etc.

If someone has come under the influence of an evil eye (nazr) and you suspect that the cause of this is a particular person, then ask the person (whom you suspect) to do the following: he should wash his face, both hands up to and including the elbows, both the feet, thighs, and private parts. When this person washes all these parts, the water that falls from his body should be collected. This water should then be poured on the head of the
person who has come under the influence of this evil eye. Insha Allah, the person will be cured.

A person who has been afflicted by sicknesses and diseases which are repulsive to others, such as scabies and white liver, should seclude himself from others so that he does not cause any harm or discomfort to them.