Some Laws on Wudhu

Some Laws on Wudhu

When washing the face, water should not be splashed with great force, nor should one splash water by making hissing sounds.

One should not close one’s eyes and mouth very tightly. All these things are makruh and prohibited. The reason for this is that if the mouth and eyes are shut so tightly to the extent that the lips or eye lashes remain dry, then the wudhu will not be regarded as complete.

If rings, bangles, bracelets, etc. are so loose that water will reach under them without having to remove them, it will still be mustahab to remove them. If they are so tight that there is a possibility of water not reaching under them, then it will be necessary and wajib to remove them. A similar rule applies to the nose ring: that is, if it is loose, then it will be mustahab to move it, and if it is tight, then while one is washing the face it will be wajib to move it around so that water reaches everywhere.

If some dough or similar substance got stuck under the nails and got dried, and water did not reach there, the wudhu will not be complete. If one sees the flour and realizes that water did not reach there, then water should be poured over it. However, if salaat was performed prior to pouring the water, it will be necessary to repeat the salaat.

If one has applied tinsel or some other decorative paint on the forehead and does not wash it thoroughly, but just pours water over it, then wudhu will not be completed. It should be removed before washing the face.

After having performed the wudhu, Surah al-Qadr should be recited.