Haajirah (alayhas salaam)

Haajirah (alayhas salaam)


The oppressive king who was mentioned in the above story had enslaved Hâjirah. This king handed her over to Sârah who in turn handed her over to Ibrâhîm ‘alayhis salâm. Ismâ‘îl ‘alayhis salâm was born to her. Ismâ‘îl ‘alayhis salâm was still being breast-fed when Allah wished to inhabit Makkah with his progeny. At that time, Makkah was not inhabited nor was the Ka’bah built. Allah ordered Ibrâhîm ‘alayhis salâm to take Ismâ‘îl and his mother, Hâjirah, to Makkah and to leave them there. Allah will safeguard them.


Acting on the order of Allah, Ibrâhîm took them and left them at that deserted place which is today known as Makkah. He also left behind a water-skin and a bag of dates. When he left them and began departing, Hâjirah rushed behind him and asked him: “Are you leaving us alone and going away?” To this, he did not give any reply. She then asked: “Has Allah commanded you to do this?” He replied: “Yes.” She said: “(If He has commanded) there is nothing to worry about. He will take care of us.”


She went back to where she was sitting. She began eating the dates, drinking the water, and breastfeeding Ismâ‘îl. When the water was exhausted, she began worrying over her child who began crying and became angry out of thirst. The mother could not bear seeing her child in such a state. She climbed Mt. Safâ and looked all around her in the hope of spotting some water somewhere. However, she could not see any water. She therefore climbed down and went towards the mountain Marwah. In the open field between Safâ and Marwah there was a small stretch of land which was slightly lower. As long as she was on the flat open field, she could see Ismâ‘îl. The moment she had to traverse the lower stretch of land, he was out of her range. She therefore ran swiftly across this lower stretch of land and came to the flat open field. Eventually she reached Marwah, climbed it and looked all around her for water. However, she could not spot any water. Out of helplessness she climbed down and ran towards Safâ again. In this way she ran seven times between Safâ and Marwah and whenever she reached the lower stretch of land, she crossed it very swiftly. Allah liked this action of hers very much and therefore prescribed it for those who go on Hajj. That is, they have to run seven times between these two mountains and also run swiftly once they reach the lower stretch of land. This lower stretch of land has now been flattened.


When she was on Marwah during her last round, she heard a voice. She turned in the direction of the sound and heard it again. However, she could not see anyone. She therefore shouted and said: “I have heard a sound. If anyone can help me, please do so.” Immediately thereafter, an angel appeared at the place where the well of zamzam is presently found. The angel struck the ground and water began gushing forth from there. She surrounded the water from all round with sand, filled the water skin, drank some water herself, and gave some to the child as well. The angel then said: “Do not fear anything. The house of Allah (i.e. the Ka’bah) is here. This child will help his father in constructing this house and many people will come and inhabit this place.”


Within a few days, everything came to life. A caravan was passing by. When the people saw the water, they stopped over and settled down over there. Ismâ‘îl ‘alayhis salâm got married. Acting under the command of Allah, Ibrâhîm ‘alayhis salâm also arrived. The father and son got together and built the Ka’bah. The spring of zamzam had also subsided. After some time, a well was built from which the zamzam water used to be drawn out.


Lesson: Look at the total trust that Hâjirah ‘alayhas salâm had in Allah. When she learnt that her being left behind alone in this deserted place was the order of Allah, she became assured that nothing will happen to her. Look at all the things with which she was blessed on account of her trust in Allah.


O women! You should also have trust in Allah just like this. Inshâ Allah, all your tasks and wishes will be fulfilled. Look at her great status that she was actually running in search of water but Allah liked this act of hers to such an extent that He prescribed it as an act of ‘ibâdah for those performing the Hajj. His relationship with His accepted servants is of a different level. O women! Try and fulfil the commands of Allah so that you are also accepted by Him. If you do this, even your worldly matters will be considered to be Dînî.