Sayings of Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah (186-190)

186. Why did the evil moment of going to Jahannam transpire? It transpired because of the evil action; the evil practice; the evil condition of discarding Namaaz.
187.  If you do not listen attentively then this sitting here is an evil moment, regardless of the sitting being in a good place.
188. Sitting in a place where there is Deeni talk, but one is not listening with a pliant heart, with thought and reflection, with the intention of becoming practising and correcting one’s spiritual condition then regardless of the place being good, it is an awful occasion.
189. I say to youngsters, “Bachcho Bacho!” (Children, don’t fall in a cauldron.)
190. Youngsters, what is this madness!

Translated from: Majaalis Maseehul Ummat