More on HIBA or GIFTS

More on HIBA or GIFTS

Two persons purchased a length of material, a house or a farm and each one paid half the money for it. As long as they do not divide it, it is not permissible for any one of them to give his share away to anyone.

You gave R10 to two persons and told them to take half each. This is not correct. Instead, you should divide both in half and then give it to them. However, if both of them are poor, it is not necessary to divide it. If you give one cent to two persons, this will be correct.

A goat or cow is pregnant. It is not permissible to give the young of the goat or cow to anyone before it can be born. In fact, even if the person takes possession of it after it is born, he will not become its owner. If you wish to give it, you must give it again after it is born.

A person gives you a goat and tells you that he is not giving you the kid that is in its stomach and that it belongs to him. The goat and the kid now belong to you and the person does not have the right to take the kid away.

A certain item of yours is kept with someone as an amânah. You gave that very item to that very person. In such a case that person will become its owner by merely stating that he has accepted it. It is not necessary for him to go and take possession of it again because it is already in his possession.

If an immature boy or girl give their possession to someone, this will not be correct. It is also not permissible to take anything that they give. Remember this mas’ala well because many people are neglectful in this regard.