3.4 Determining the Name and Profession

Hafiz Saheb smiled at her comprehension of this puzzle and commended her, saying:
“Truly this is what I mean. This girl seems to be very intelligent. Insha Allah, she will have two sons and they will live. Keep the one’s name Ashraf Ali Khan and the second Akbar Ali Khan. Both will be fortunate. One child will be mine. He will be a Molvi and he will be a Hafiz. The second will be a worldly figure.”

In this manner, Haq Ta’ala manifested his name and even profession with the words of a chosen servant of His before pregnancy; when he was as yet in the Aalam-e-Arwaah.

When that Buzrug proposed this name, another woman requested Hafiz Saheb at that same time to give a name for her grandson. Hafiz Saheb rejected this very scornfully with these words:
“Am I a bard who goes around giving names?”

From this it is clear that his pre-birth augury and the name given by that Buzrug was through inspiration from the unseen and it was something special.

3.5 Clash of Planning and Fate

After taking the infertility medication his honourable father felt content that cure will be forthcoming instead of offspring. However the Omnipotent had willed something else and hence He sent down the glad tidings of the birth immediately after the medication was taken.

That Musabbibul Asbaab [Creator of all causes, the First Cause], made the infertility medication a cause for the generation of progeny. On the one side Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi came to the world of creation and on the other side his father was comforted [from the disorder]. As though from the time he was born he was a challenge to the material world.